A LORRY driver was found dead in his car four days after committing suicide, and inquest heard.

Mark James died from carbon monoxide poisoning in his blue Vauxhall Vectra, which he'd left in the car park at his workplace in Cherry Lane, Amersham.

In the days before his death he sent text messages to a co-worker indicating his intent to kill himself, the inquest at Beaconsfield Coroner's Court heard.

His body was found in the car on Monday April 28 but it's believed he died four days previously.

Colleague Ian Thompson said he received a text from Mr James on April 22 that told him not to pick him up for work the following day.

Mr Thompson said the way the message was written concerned him because the language was out of character for his co-worker, including referring to him by his full first name instead of a nickname.

Mr Thompson tried to phone back straight away but got no response, instead receiving another text that said, "can't speak".

He told the inquest: "I thought something must have gone on with him but I had no idea what.

"At 5.45pm I got a text from Mark's number saying, 'It's been great working with you all, I will miss you'. I was really freaked out by it."

He sent messages back to Mr James but didn't receive a response until 9.41pm on April 23. The message read, "Are you all wrapped up?" Mr Thompson said it was the last time he heard from his colleague.

The last text message sent from his phone was written on April 24. A note giving details of who to contact was found, while messages in envelopes addressed to his mother and partner were also discovered.

Coroner Richard Hulett ruled 54-year-old Mr James, of Lansdown Road, Chalfont St Peter, took his own life.