CCTV footage of Beata Bryl’s final movements before she was brutally bludgeoned to death and burnt in Wooburn has been released today – the eighth anniversary of her murder.

As the Bucks Free Press reported last month, Thames Valley Police have launched a fresh appeal in the hope of finally catching her murderer.

The Polish model was last seen alive in Leytonstone underground station on July 28, 2006.

Her body – which had been doused in accelerant and burnt – was found 50 miles away in woodland near Hendsor Lane in Wooburn the next day.

The moving CCTV images show the pretty 23-year-old carrying a white MK One bag as she walks to catch a train.

Chief Inspector Colin Seaton, who led the original investigation in 2006, said: “Our investigation into the murder of Beata Bryl is still ongoing, eight years after her horrific and brutal death.

“It is the most horrible crime I have ever seen. To bludgeon someone so brutally with a heavy object and to do it with such ferocity and force does beggar belief.

“We are renewing our appeal for information on the anniversary of her death in the hope that somebody, somewhere, knows something which could help us to track down her killer.

“In particular I would appeal to members of the Polish community who may have known Beata, or known of Beata, to come forward with any information they may have which could help us track down the killer.”

An inquest held in June 2007 heard how Beata – a former teen beauty pageant contestant who came to England in 2003 – had 21 lacerations on her scalp.

John Deacon, a motorist who had stopped for a 'call of nature', told the inquest that he saw smoke emanating from the woodland before he discovered Beata’s burning body.

It took detectives a month to identify her body due to the horrifying extent of the burns.

Bucks Free Press: Beata Bryl CCTV

In addition to the never-before-seen CCTV footage, police have also released fresh photos of a distinctive cloth her body was wrapped in and the Pegasus tattoo she had inked on her right arm.

Ch Insp Seaton said: “We are releasing new photographs of Beata in the hope that these will help to jog people’s memories, and footage showing her last movements on that day.

“Particularly important is the cloth which had a distinctive pattern and was used to wrap Beata’s body in.

“Also there is an image of a bag similar to the one which was being used by Beata in her last moments. It is believed Beata’s bag was either beige, very light blue or light pink and it is yet to be recovered.

Bucks Free Press: Forensic teams comb the scene in 2006

“If anyone has any information or thinks they might know anything, however insignificant it might seem, please contact Thames Valley Police Major Crime team on 01296 396183.

“Beata’s family is still waiting for answers to what happened to their daughter, they deserve to have peace of mind, knowing the killer has been caught.”

Contact police on the 101 enquiry line or, if you do not wish to speak to the police, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with any information.