THIS week, the BFP'S ceaseless journey to unearth the district's most-loved local pubs takes us to Beaconsfield Old Town, and the recently reopened Greyhound Enoteca restaurant and bar. Look out for a food review in Freetime next month.


James Sibley, works in sales and marketing, from Beaconsfield.

Greyhound Enoteca bar and restaurant, Windsor End, Beaconsfield


How long have you been coming here?

Since it reopened, I came here before too, it’s very different.

What do you like about it?

Everything - the people, the service is exceptional, and the food, it’s not like you get at a normal Italian, it’s so much more authentic, and reasonably priced too.

What do you normally drink?

I’m a real ale man and the ales they have here are lovely. My recent favourite is the Ringwood Bitter.

How often do you come here?

Every other day I’d say. I’m involved with a few charities and we often come here for meetings.

Is it much different since it reopened?

You can’t really compare them, they’re aimed at different markets. That was more of a pub and this is great for food. It’s a breath of fresh air actually.

What else do you like?

The staff are great. Michaela, whose husband is a chef here, works front of house and she is just brilliant.