Name: Micky Paul

Job: Caterer

Lives: Holmer Green

Pub: The Bat and Ball, Holmer Green

What is good about this pub?

The landlord is really good because he is always happy to have a laugh. The pub is very friendly and the atmosphere is always good. It is a good footballing pub too, so there is always a bit of banter.

How does this pub compare to others in the area?

I have never been to a pub like this one before, you can come in and the landlord would be happy just to make you whatever food you want, it is such a friendly place.

Is it a busy place?

It is always quite busy but it isn’t overcrowding either.

How long have you been coming here?

Since about 1975, and it has changed a lot since then. It used to be completely different a few years back, but since the landlord joined it has had a real change and it is a very nice pub.

How often do you come here?

Only about seven nights a week.

Do you have a favourite seat?

Right here, by the bar.

What do you normally drink?