WATER way to have a good time, as over 300 people took part in a series of events on and off the Thames for the annual Cookham Regatta on Saturday.

The event, from Cookham Bridge and Marlow Thames Rotary clubs, saw around 320 people taking part in activities, including 16 dragon boat teams, 10 canoe-cats and four teams who took on the 'Cookham Challenge'.

Team the Starboard Strikers narrowly beat the Herries Harriers in a thrilling dragon boat race, whilst the Cookham Challenge was close throughout the day, with the Magnificent Seven winning the multi-discipline contest by the length of the dragon’s nose on the front of their boat.

So taken were the children watching the tug-of-war, that a spontaneous child’s event was held, with a large number taking part.

Peter Osborn, chair of the Cookham Regatta organising committee, said: "It was a very nice day, it was very quiet, with no wind, so conditions were good."

The main charity benefitting from the regatta this year is the Marlow Wolves, an American football club for youngsters between seven and 17.

Providing a demonstration of their skills during the day, the Rotary clubs are sponsoring the club’s kit and will also be mentoring the club’s leaders.

Mr Osborn added: "The goal is to provide a sporting environment with high ethical standards for young people in the area who might otherwise be on the streets.

"The type of youngsters are coming from backgrounds that don’t have a lot of money and the group is doing a lot to help kids stay off the streets and instilling an ethics structure for young kids."