Name: Bud Endersby

Job: Builder Lives:

Knotty Green Pub: The Red Lion in Knotty Green.

How long have you been coming here? Since I moved here- about three years.

How often do you come here? Two or three times a week What do you drink? Lager usually.

Why do you like it here? It’s a real pub, a proper pub. It’s the friendliness and the staff, especially the landlady.

Where do you normally sit? I’m a smoker so I’m in and out really.

What else makes it special? I come here for the music on Friday nights and the open mic on a Tuesday. I don’t perform myself, I’m a bit tone deaf.

Are there too few ‘real’ pubs these days? The thing is, too many of them have lost their appeal. All they want is your money, it’s like going into McDonald's with a lot of them, they’re not actually interested in you. This place is different.