A 29-year-old woman who battled with depression and believed she lost her job as a result of the condition hanged herself in her boyfriend's Downley home, an inquest was told.

Nancy Isaac's body was discovered by her partner, David Court, in the bedroom of his Commonside property, Buckinghamshire Coroners' Court heard today.

Ms Isaac suffered with depression since she was a child and tried to take her own life two weeks before her suicide on June 2.

She lost her job as a market researcher and the inquest heard that she believed it was due to her mental health condition.

Ms Isaac, who was born in Kuwait City, was in a relationship with Mr Court for about 18 months.

The young woman was staying with her brother in Stratford when she convinced her family to let her visit her boyfriend in Downley.

The inquest heard that on June 2 Ms Isaac was due to go back to Stratford.

However, at about 4pm that day, Mr Court received at text from Ms Isaac's brother and he grew increasingly concerned when he could not get a hold of her.

Mr Court left his place of work, despite his employers initially refusing to let him go, and headed back home.

Upon arrival, he saw Ms Isaac's brown handbag in the living room and "feared the worst", a police statement read out to the court recalled.

When Mr Court went upstairs, he found his partner in the bedroom.

The inquest was told that Ms Isaac had used a belt to hang herself.

A therapeutic concentration of an antihistamine drug was found in Ms Isaac's system – one of the drug’s side effects is drowsiness.

Ms Isaac was found facedown on top of the pillows and a mobile phone had been used to carry out a variety of web searches around the topic of strangulation.

Assistant coroner Crispin Butler said that, although there was no note left by Ms Isaac, she had not written one during a suicide attempt two weeks earlier.

He said: "We have to be satisfied that they intended the result that took place so we need to be certain that we can rule out any other substances that may have impaired that judgment. The toxicology report satisfies us."

Mr Butler added: "My conclusion is that we have enough evidence from the websites that had been searched for on that day, from the recent history of depression and previous recent attempt that in this particular case I can conclude that Nancy Isaac took her own life."

The cause of death was listed as hanging.