Name: Jane Carling

Job: Author

Lives: Chartridge

Pub: The Bell at Chartridge

How long have you been coming here? On and off for about 11 years since we moved here.

What do you usually drink? Fine wine- a red wine and they also do a lovely rose. The landlady, Elvire Bailey is French- they do very nice wines. I am not a beer drinker but the chaps that go over there say there are good real ales.

Do you have a regular seat? No. As you walk in there is a bar area and restaurant to the side- we tend to go in there to have something to eat.

Are there regular events at the pub? There is a newly formed residents association, which formed this year. They hold their meetings in the pubs and will hold social meetings too. Elvire is quite well known for her Aylesbury Duck evening. Richard Waller down the road is one of the last Aylesbury Duck producers. She also does a moules night around Bastille Day. She will also do a Beaujolais nouveau night. She does various events.

What do you like about it? I like it because it is easy- it is just across the road. When you go in there you know people within the village. It attracts all different people from walkers within the area to the Horticultural Association. There is a nice atmosphere. In the winter there is a lovely roaring fire.

Do you think pubs still have a place in today’s society? I think pubs need to evolve- especially country pubs- and sell local produce and local bread. We haven’t got a shop in Chartridge and it would be very nice to have that sort of facility. I think a lot of local pubs could offer that.

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