A Wycombe school that teaches pupils who have been excluded from mainstream establishments has been classed as "outstanding" for the third consecutive time.

The Wycombe Grange School, in Amersham Hill, was visited by Ofsted inspectors for two days in July.

The Pupil Referral Unit, which is spread across two sites in Wycombe and one in Chesham, supports students who have been excluded from mainstream education or have behavioural, social or additional learning difficulties.

The school was judged to be "outstanding" across four areas, which includes, the achievement of pupils, the quality of teaching, the behaviour and safety of pupils, and the leadership and management.

Inspectors stated: "Achievement is outstanding and students perform much better than expected, given their low attainment on entry."

The report continues: "The unit enables students to turn their lives around. Students make outstanding improvements in their behaviour. They feel extremely safe in the unit and have trusting relationships with the staff."

Inspectors also praised the strong leadership of the school.

The report read: "The headteacher provides outstanding leadership. She has high expectations and a very clear vision for the unit.

"She is supported exceptionally well by the deputy and assistant headteachers in putting her vision into practice. Together, they make sure achievement and teaching remain outstanding."

Headteacher, Debra Rutley, said: "Obviously we are very pleased with the judgement given. We have an extremely hard working and dedicated staff team here and I have always known them to be outstanding. It's just nice to have that confirmed officially by Ofsted."

The school teaches pupils between the age of 11 and 16. The number of students currently on the school roll is 30.

In order for the school to improve further, inspectors said students’ learning experiences should be extended by improving the technological facilities at the school.

Mike Appleyard, Buckinghamshire County Council cabinet member for education and skills, said: "The staff deserves the highest praise for this truly outstanding report.

"They are working with some of the most challenging pupils we have in Buckinghamshire and their ability to produce such positive results through their professionalism and hard work is of enormous benefit to the whole area."