Pub: Bricklayers Arms, Downley

Name: Adam Binnee, pictured with friend Stuart Rothwell

Age: 34

Job: Builder

Lives: Downley

What do you like about this pub?

Well it has got everything, it is a good family pub there are always people you can talk to and have a laugh with, dogs are welcome as well.

Is the family environment important?

Yeah, I think so. It is always nice to drink in a pub where children are allowed in. Sometimes I come here with my daughter Tegan – quite often on a Sunday. And I will say their Sunday roasts are excellent.

Do you come here with other people?

Most of the time I come here with my mates.

How often do you come here?

It depends, but I reckon about three or four times a week. 

What is different about this pub compared to others?

You are made to feel welcome here.

Do you have a favourite seat?

At the bar.

What is your favourite drink?