First let me praise the overall provision of County Council services to residents of Buckinghamshire. I have lived in the county for 30 years and have a high regard for the work of the county council. They do good work often in difficult circumstances. However sometimes their work is just plain wrong.

I refer to the recently completed road works in Beaconsfield: 1. Why are the pedestrian crossings so close to the main road? They cause jams on the main road when they are being used. They are wrongly sited.

Also why are they raised? This causes instability in the car when driving over them.

2. Cycle lanes have been installed on Burkes Road and the white line removed. I have never seen a cyclist on this road in 30 years. What is the rationale for this work? If it is illegal to drive in cycle lanes then the road has been made too narrow. Two approaching vehicles would have to squeeze through the gap and possibly damage their wing mirrors particularly if they are large vehicles. There was an accident there this morning in fact.

3. A speed hump has been installed on a bend in Burkes Road. This is too close to the bend and drivers have therefore to negotiate it at an angle This is dangerous. It will be particularly so when it becomes icy.

There seems to be have been funds for this work and yet potholes still exist. Some of the roads in Buckinghamshire are of a standard I have sadly witnessed in Africa and Latin America. Have council priorities been correctly set? If money is to be spent then each scheme should be thoroughly thought through before implementation. I fear that this has not happened in the case of recently completed work in Beaconsfield. – Stephen J Jones, Halls Corner, Flackwell Heath