Re: Phone and internet disruption in Loosley Row Thank you for Stephanie Wareham’s item in Friday’s edition, describing the damage to an aerial cable in our village which led to the loss of landline phones and internet access to a large number of properties in Lower Road.

BT had been telling us that it could take until 14 November to restore the service. No sooner was your article published today (7 November), though, than a team came to do the tree-work this morning; then the cablers in the afternoon; and as of 4.30pm phone lines and broadband are up and running! Hardly coincidence, I think...

For all BT’s reported comments on the work being ‘complex and time-consuming,’ once the teams were on site everything was complete in one day – after we had been waiting a fortnight.

Thank you again on behalf of myself and all the villagers of Loosley Row. – Professor Nigel Henbest, Loosley Row