What I can’t quite understand and perhaps some of your readers will be able to help me, prompted by further police raids in our town in an attempt to discover yet another home based “terrorist faith plot” and at the same time the news about the intergalactic fridge.

We have over the last millennia, the human race that is, have risen above the “ape line” (well some have and sometimes even that is questionable) and developed an intellect that has enabled us to throw an object the size of a small fridge across the cosmos and land it onto a comet no larger than a car park, while both are speeding through space at some unimaginable velocity and we are still be able to talk to “the fridge”. But we, the same human race, are still capable of killing one another in the name of one God or the other that we particularly favour.

You would have thought we would have grown up by now, for the principal tenant of each of the monotheistic faiths, is to preach peace as their primary tenant.

And listening to the news, at the same time as we are told the story of the high speed galactic fridge, three young men are beheaded in Libya for advocating the wrong branch of Islam, we are told the death role in Syria now tops the 200,000 and then an Islamic fundamentalist group in Nigeria lobs a bomb into the Christian secondary school killing 50 boys and girls whose only crime was to bear the kneel to the wrong God, not to mention the rolling death toll in Afghanistan, and further mutilations, forcible conversions, religious rape and sundry other religious and faith bases executions. My, rather poor, Christian upbringing taught me (Matthew 22:39), “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” I now turn to the Holy Quran and each sura starts with “in the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate”, and both the Arabic and Jewish first greeting, is “peace be with you” so where has it gone wrong, is it the destiny of the human race to self-destruct or shall I get just back to high speed intergalactic fridges. – Anthony Mealing, Totteridge Road, High Wycombe