These days the BFP noticeably gives excess space to councillors who just make up numbers in the council. Why?

They are not in cabinet, making the decisions on future development.

I applaud the WDC cabinet to open up Abbey Barn, north and south, Terriers Farm, Slate Meadow, Ashwells, Gomm Valley for redevelopment. Also I approve of HS2 to run through Bucks.

You can’t stop progress.

Post war Bucks has been open to the overspill of London and beyond by up to 80 to 85 per cent, who want things to stay as they are.

I want to see Wycombe back to where it was before, in the jobs market, and homes.

We owe it to our young folk to give them a chance in life, let down by their parents and grandparents who have let successive governments dictate the terms of our lifestyle in jobs and housing, just to stay in the EU.

Full marks to WDC cabinet for their difficult decision, perhaps hoping to put Wycombe back on top! – Rex G Pawley, Chestnut Lane, Hazlemere