I am heartened to read that efforts are being made to have the issue of housing on Slate Meadow and other vulnerable areas properly debated.

For the Tory cabinet to hide behind the rule book and refuse to grant meaningful time to the opposition to debate a very contentious issue is shortsighted and almost Stalinist in its approach.

In your edition of October 24, I note that at the same time WDC are self-congratulating in their plans for a bridleway on the site of the old railway line from Bourne End.

This bridleway is adjacent to part of Slate Meadow and would be a much more enjoyable path if the planned housing on the meadow does not take place.

Part of it is already in regular use by walkers, dog walkers, joggers and even the occasional horse!

A public bridleway extending into Wooburn Green can only be beneficial unlike increased urban swamping. – Mr K Ahier, Frank Lunnon Close, Bourne End