As Mayor of High Wycombe, I would like to express the absolute honour and privilege it was for me, as a Muslim Mayor, to take the salute in the High Street during Sunday’s Remembrance Day Parade and then to lay a wreath on behalf of the town at the memorial.

The participants taking part in the parade were drawn from organisations from across our community with the largest contingent made up of cadets from the navy, army and air services.

Our treasured Honorary Burgess, Monty Seymour, 100 years of age, gave the exhortation with great dignity and reminded us why we, as a community, need to remember the purpose of Remembrance Sunday.

On behalf of the civic leaders of this town, I would like to thank Royal Air Force, High Wycombe and all the people who worked hard in the background to ensure a memorable parade and church service. – Cllr Khalil Ahmed, Mayor of the Town of High Wycombe