A sinkhole which suddenly appeared in a garden in Holtspur this week is starting to spread underneath a house with the resident saying it needs to be fixed before it is too late.

Ted Rolfe was shocked when he came home on Sunday and noticed a hole had opened up in the front garden of his Cherry Tree Road home.

He has been using a shed door to keep water out of the hole and it has since been cordoned off, with officials reportedly telling Mr Rolfe not to walk near it.

However, he said it is beginning to spread towards his own and other neighbouring properties, while the main road is also beginning to crack with Transport for Bucks now looking into the situation.

Mr Rolfe, a 60-year-old gardener, said: “I was shocked when I came home and saw the hole, it is starting to spread in four directions and looks like it is going under my house.

Bucks Free Press:

The sinkhole

“The road has also dropped and my path has cracked and the back garden seems to be going down too.

“It is really quite worrying as it is hard to tell how bad it is or if another hole might appear somewhere else.

“I am hoping it will get fixed soon before it is too late - it has been a week now.”

It is the second sinkhole to open up in Holtspur this year, with repairs on a hole in Holtspur Top Lane beginning earlier this week after it first appeared in May.

Mr Rolfe added that Beaconsfield is just full of sinkholes, claiming the town is a phenomenon.

Following this latest incident, TfB spokesman Dan Elworthy said: “Investigation work is still going on to determine the extent of the sinkhole and its possible cause.

“Meanwhile, we’re monitoring to ensure the safety of the site.”