ALL that grows is not green Well done Cllr Trevor Snaith for valiantly defending our green spaces! (BFP Nov 14). Great that some of us can see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the five Green Field sites have now been re-released for development (BFP Nov 21, pg13).

However, is defending our green spaces just firefighting and delaying the inevitable shrinkage of our countryside? Maybe we should step back further and explore one of the main drivers of housing developments? Sometimes it is called the elephant in the room, sometimes the ‘P’ word, namely – ‘POPULATION GROWTH’.

As a member of Population Matters High Wycombe, I am concerned how population growth exacerbates most of humanity’s problems, encroachment onto green areas being just one of them. In saying this I echo David Attenborough, one of the patrons of Population Matters UK. But it's not enough to be aware of the problem – there are non-coercive methods which need to be better utilised in order to achieve smaller families, namely family planning and sex eduction. For achieving a sustainable world and decreasing the amount of pollution we create, these methods can be five times more cost-effective than installing solar PV!

Our group welcomes feedback from High Wycombe residents about population issues – populationmatters.highwycombe@gmail.

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