I REFER to councillor Neil Marshall’s slightly misleading comment in BFP of Nov. 21 regarding the release of all the reserved sites – “...we really don’t have a choice”. I have a letter dated Oct. 28, 2014 from the Department for Communities and Local Government which states “....this Government does not set housing targets, or ask councils to build more homes than they need.” The National Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) set out a standard methodology which local authorities are strongly recommended to follow, but this methodology is just a starting point. The above two apparently opposing quotes can be brought together by looking at the whole picture set out in the NPPF and PPG. Wycombe District Council, and especially the cabinet members, seemed to have failed to do this despite having been advised, in writing and verbally by various residents and council members, of the different ways to adjust the new build housing projections, including taking into consideration the total amount of Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Beauty in our district.

You do have a choice. If you are prepared to use all the information available to you to make a justifiable case, then perhaps Slate Meadow and Ashwells (Gomm) Valley can remain part of our green and pleasant land. You’ll still be in the driving seat, but you’ll be using the brakes occasionally. - Geoff Britt, by email