Recently the Free Press has been reporting that Marlow Town Council has depleted funds and cannot fully fund the town’s Christmas lights. However, the council has the ability to raise money through its share of the council tax.

This precept is currently among the lowest in Wycombe district (lower than that of Little Marlow parish, and less than half that of either Princes Risborough, or Henley Town Councils.) Many people would agree that the town council has been doing a good job within the budget limits it has set itself. But surely many would also be happy to pay for desired services through an increase in such a low precept (£43 a year for a Band D taxpayer.) For example, accepting the estimate of £20,000 as the cost of Marlow’s Christmas lights, to pay for this through the precept would cost a Band D council tax payer around £3 a year (6p a week per household, or 3p a week per person in a two-person household.) Surely good value for money?

What else can you buy for £3? A pint of beer? A copy of the Financial Times? A single bus fare from Marlow to High Wycombe? - Derek Done, Harwood Road, Marlow