CAMPAIGNERS who have been instrumental in getting a new £500,000 cycle network implemented in Beaconsfield now want to provide better links for the schools in the town.

The Beaconsfield Cycle Paths Action Group have been keen to improve cycle paths and infrastructure in the town but still want to work on their ‘red route’ which could see youngsters be able to cycle to school in a safe way.

Talks are currently ongoing with Bucks County Council to see if it would be possible to link main roads in the town to some of the schools.

There are eight schools in the town, including three in Wattleton Road, and these new plans would see all except the Holtspur School connected to the link.

Action group member Fiona Wilson said: “We have had plans for a ‘red route’ for a while now and we would like to see better links for children in the town to get to their schools.

“We are talking to Bucks County Council about these ideas and we are hopeful it is something we can do.

“Schools in the town do appear keen for children to use sustainable transport like walking or cycling, but we need to ensure there are safe routes for them to use.

“On the whole, I think the cycle network has been good and although there are some people who aren’t keen, quite a few seem to be happy with it.”

The latest stage of the network was officially opened by BCC leader Martin Tett last month and following this everyone behind the plans were recognised nationally for their hard work.

Volunteers from the action group were presented with the supporting sustainable travel and good community partnership project awards on Wednesday, November 26.

The first stage of the Beaconsfield cycle network saw improvements around Station Road, Grove Road, Burkes Road, Maxwell Road and Ellwood Road.

These changes included new cycle parking, cycle lanes, signs, traffic calming, raised pedestrian crossings, and a mini roundabout, which is said to make it easier for commuters to cycle to the station and safer for walkers, cyclists and motorists.