In Friday’s BFP you quote Philip Wayne, chairman of the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools saying Labour’s analysis of the results from last year’s 11+ test do not give a fair reflection of the test as: “… the data … is based solely on last year's test, rather than including information from the review and appeals process… The independent school data indicates neither where the children, who have sat the transfer test in these schools, live, nor … where the schools are situated. (And) “The qualification rate in an independent school is generally higher as parents opt their children into the test, whereas in a state primary school the custom is that few children are opted out.”

If this data genuinely weakens WLP’s findings then could Mr Wayne himself tell us the significance of the review and appeals process and also where independent school children who sat the ‘transfer test’ (‘11-plus’ to you and me) live, and where the independent schools are situated? (I am sure a man in his position knows.) – Lawrence Linehan, Wooburn Green