I always thought High Wycombe was quite an up to date place but my thoughts have taken a bit of a bump of late.

I live in Cornwall and wanted to purchase a shopping voucher for the new Eden centre for my daughter to spend as she wanted in the shops there. These vouchers are a very good idea in that it allows the card holder to purchase at will anything that takes his or her fancy from nearly all the shops in the Eden centre rather than being tied to an individual store.

Imagine my surprise to be told by the Eden centre card voucher department “sorry we can’t sell one to you in Cornwall to give to your daughter in High Wycombe because we don’t do online purchases”. I would have had to go to High Wycombe to purchase the card myself then give the card to my daughter. Heck, come on Eden this is 2014. Who is the bright spark that thought that one up, can we never do anything right in this country? In an evolving retail world where retail shops on the high street are battling against online stores like Amazon and Ebay, this Eden policy seems to be plain daft.

I have purchased a shopping voucher from Amazon for my daughter. I know I could have sent her the money to purchase her own card but the surprise would not be there and how difficult is it to send money these days? Come on Eden wake up! – Name and address withheld