What a selfish community we have become.

When you try to stop redevelopment of five acres of land, already designated by previous councils for future housing development.

Terriers Farm has been on the cards for donkeys years.

This coalition government gave an ultimatum to councils up and down the country, ‘put forward your parcels of land you hold in reserve for future development, or we will do it for you. It will be our choice!’ Don’t you find it undemocratic since we joined the common market 1974, that our three main political parties don’t ask for our opinions on what we want for ourselves, such as jobs and housing for our own nationals.

Give us those two things, and get on with our lives, without government interference.

That would be democracy we enjoyed prior 1974.

Jobs and housing for our own young people. That’s all I ask! – Rex G Pawley, Chestnut Lane, Hazlemere