Re: Chiltern District Council.

It is that time of year again, alcohol fuelled Christmas lunches and office parties, particularly popular on the Fridays leading up to Christmas.

You have a few drinks and decide to do the sensible thing; leave the car at the station car park and pick it up on the Saturday morning.

Beware, it could cost you. Your friendly local council has taken to doing early Saturday morning car park checks, so that they can give you a ticket before you get back to pick up your car.

My car park ticket expired at 8.47am and the ticket was issued at 8.52am, with the vehicle “having been observed” from 8.49am. And this on a Saturday morning at a station car park that was pretty much empty.

Do they have no idea how much irritation and resentment this sort of thing creates. Not to mention that it encourages people to drive when they should not.

Is it too much to ask to get some leeway, when the vehicles have a valid ticket for the day before and have obviously been left overnight? – Andrew Richardson, Stony Lane, Little Kingshill