A Marlow man took his own life just days short of his 65th birthday, despite having shown signs of a recovery from depression, an inquest heard this week.

David Robinson, who had a history of depression, was found dead in bed by partner Pamela Woodruff on September 17 after she became worried when she had not heard from him.

He had taken an overdose of medication, despite Ms Woodruff saying he had seemed “upbeat” and “positive” in the days leading up to his death.

She said he had even driven to the supermarket, stocked up with cat food and filled his car with diesel. 

Giving evidence at Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Court on Tuesday, she said: “He had been becoming more and more anxious, but on the Monday before he was on very good form.

“I spoke to him on the phone and he said he had had enough of being ill and was going to get better.

“He was upbeat two weeks before his 65th birthday, he sorted out his pension, sorted out his tax affairs, sorted his neighbours car and took it to the garage.

“He was very positive and everybody thought ‘oh good, he’s going to get better’.”

However, the retired company director died just 12 days before turning 65.

Coroner Richard Hulett said it was rare for somebody to overdose on the drug Mr Robinson was found to have taken.

Mr Hulett said he had never before seen a case in his career, and that there were only nine records recorded in medical literature.

He said: “He had a morbid state of mind, notwithstanding his upbeat actions more recently which put everybody off the trail, so to speak.

“I only record a verdict of taking one’s own life if I’m confident of the fact, and in this case I am confident and it is fairly plain this has happened.”

Mr Hulett recorded a verdict that Mr Robinson had taken his own life.