Umpteen cars display the sticker ‘A dog is not just for Christmas...’ and it is right that would-be dog owners do not adopt a new pet without weighing up the responsibilities and commitment they are taking on.

Dogs create much delight and this is a message to the many thousands of dog lovers in the South Bucks area as we reach the charitable period of Christmas and consider new year resolutions.

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue needs more volunteers to help keep it going in 2015. We help reduce the number of strays and ensure those abandoned are found new homes and happiness. We have a good team of staff but need volunteers to help with fundraising and get chummy with our dogs as the interaction makes their lives happier. They stand a better chance of finding new homes as a happier dog is a friendlier dog.

We have volunteer walkers who take dogs for a stroll up the road to the woods. It works well.

This charity proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and in that time many thousands of dogs have been rehomed. There is also a fostering scheme. A dog is placed with a volunteer for a while and we pay vet bills, can supply food and lots of advice. Helping our dogs is a great new year resolution.

A pressing problem is to find more volunteers to help fundraise. Perhaps to help once a month at a jumble sale or two or three times a year for about an hour with street collections or at a supermarket entrance.

We often need help behind the scenes too or just send a donation – and put us in as part of your will!

You can also sign up as a member and we keep in touch with newsletters.

Anyone wanting to help us should contact our administrator, Lisa Morley, or Alan Durrant, dog welfare manager, on 01494 482695 for a chat.

We are extra proud that we never put a healthy dog to sleep unlike some full animal shelters under pressure from new arrivals. - Geoff Perfitt, Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, Oxford Road, Stokenchurch