I WAS interested to read a letter in last week’s BFP concerned at population growth.

I also read Mr Weedon’s continuing mantra concerning climate change and how the human race is not causing it.

Funny, really – our present population is polluting our seas and rivers, natural habitats across the globe are being destroyed at an alarming rate, leading to animals becoming extinct at a rate hundreds of times greater than in pre-human days, the World Health Organisation considers air quality in many major cities to be highly detrimental to good health and the present population is using up raw materials at a totally unsustainable rate. A reduced world population would help to alleviate these problems and be more able to deal with climate change.

So, rather than argue who, or what, is changing the weather, perhaps Mr W and his friends should argue for a sustainable world population, by encouraging population reductions through education and the mass provision of free family planning advice and services. Or are polluted waters, monocultures, mass extinctions, shortages and unbreathable air (whatever the weather) our inevitable future? - John Laker, Hazlemere