Plans to convert a disused warehouse into an indoor climbing centre have been turned down because of safety concerns.

Members of Chiltern District Council's planning committee said access to the site, off Plantation Road in Amersham, was too narrow and there wasn't enough room to manoeuvre around the planned car park.

They added customers would come into 'conflict' with works traffic using the rest of the business park.

The written judgment on the failed planning application from the council's development control manager Richard Turnbull said: "The proposed use would be served by up to 14 parking spaces and a shared drive serving other industrial uses with no dedicated dropping off facility, delivery or manoeuvring areas provided as part of the development. There would be inadequate space provided for parking and manoeuvring clear of the highway and the access drive is inadequate in width to serve the development with safety and convenience.

"Taking this into account together with the location of the site within an active employment area and the nature and size of the use, the proposal would result in conflict, danger and inconvenience between all users of the employment area and detriment to public and highway safety.

"The proposal introduces a use that would be incompatible with this designated employment site."

The plans were submitted by Urban Ascent, which operates another climbing centre used for bouldering - freestyle climbing without using safety harnesses - in south west London.

The premises the company was looking to move in to, in Brazils Yard, has not been used for business purposes since June 2011, according to documents submitted to the council as part of the application.