Enhanced facilities at Wycombe Hospital are needed in order to combat “excessive waiting times” and “inadequate” waiting room facilities at Stoke Mandeville Accident and Emergency, a healthcare review committee has found.

Improved communication and better co-ordination between High Wycombe’s Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIIU) and Stoke Mandeville were also among the eight recommendations put forward by Wycombe District Council’s Improvement and Review Commission.

Although the quality of care that patients receive once they get to the appropriate department was praised, the administrative problems and poor communication between facilities led to long waiting times and confusion.

A summary of the committee’s key findings were discussed at a WDC meeting last night.

The committee’s report features eight recommendations, which are due to be submitted to the full council on February 26.

As well as improving co-ordination between the MIIU and Stoke Mandeville’s A&E, better communication and improved patient experience whilst waiting for treatment, councillors agreed that Wycombe’s MIIU facilities needed to be increased.

The report stated: “The introduction of additional facilities and services at High Wycombe MIIU gives a further opportunity to promote the ‘one-stop treatment’ approach for patients in High Wycombe, reducing the number of transfers required to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which should also include follow-up appointments at Wycombe Hospital.”

Improved ambulance discharge times and a more efficient road network were also recommended, especially along the A4010.

Dr Annet Gamell, chief clinical officer at Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “As a commissioner, a local GP in the area and a member of the Wycombe community myself, I understand how important it is for us to receive a high standard of local health care.

“Evidence shows people get those high standards of care and better health outcomes if they are taken directly to the right centre with highly specialist teams and equipment, even if that means travelling further.

“What this review has highlighted is that we need to continue to promote to the public when and where they should go so that they can receive the best possible treatment for their condition.

“We welcome any enquiry that encourages the public to bring their experiences, good or not good, to help us to further improve services.

“We are always keen to hear the views of our community as public opinion is crucial to us in helping to shape the service we provide.

“As well as arranging event, we have also recently launched an online engagement platform, www.letstalkhealthbucks.nhs.uk and I would like to use this opportunity to encourage those who are interested to sign up and get involved.”