For the past three years my New Year’s resolution has been to wear less black.

Yes, I have got better, but there are still days when I still instinctively reach for the usual when I’m undecided what to wear. I always feel slightly disappointed with myself for plumping for the staple outfits, as I know that for daytime wear at least, a colour is more likely to flatter.

Image consultant Helen Norman, who works for House of Colour, told me that quite often people will chose black on some days when they would prefer to blend into the background.

Helen took me back to basics: I wiped off my make up, and she sat me in front of a mirror in daylight.

She referred to the colour wheel, a concept from the 1930s which scientifically revealed how every person’s skin tone had a blue or yellow base.

Therefore some people suited some colours, while for others they can look ‘cheap’.

These are divided into different categories – spring, summer, autumn and winter, and even applies to wearing either silver or gold jewellery.

The only colour which suits all skin tones is true red.

Helen wondered if I was a winter, or a summer, and wrapped a number of scarves around me to see how they worked against my face.

It was incredible to see how some colours drained me, and others made my cheeks flush and my face come alive.

I secretly had my fingers crossed I was going to be winter, as it was my favourite selection and the colours I mainly have in my wardrobe.

This means I can wear silver jewellery, white pearls, deep charcoal, white, navy blue, royal purple, fuchsia and emerald green – and I’m ashamed to say, my beloved black. I do love an LBD.

Since this lesson with Helen, it has been incredible how easy it has been to pick out an outfit every morning, and it has made me feel more confident with my choices.

I’d previously been told by an expert in a store that I should be wearing gold, but this was at odds with my taste and what I had in my jewellery box.

Just knowing what colours work to make an outfit look ‘expensive’ has been invaluable, and has already saved me a fortune as I can now buy the right items.

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Helen’s 5 tips for looking immaculate are:

• Lipstick – takes seconds to apply and makes the biggest impact to how good you look. Every woman looks better with lipstick and this season’s berry colours suit all.

• Eyebrows – well defined and groomed eyebrows are a must for a modern look. Try using a damp very fine brush with a beige or brown eye-shadow to apply thin strokes replicating fine hairs to make brows look naturally fuller.

• Dry shampoo – this miracle product does wonders for fine, limp hair. Spray into the roots to add instant volume before styling and extend the gap between washes.

• Nails – with so many nail bars around there is no excuse for grubby fingernails! Well groomed nails should be short and painted this season.

• Top winter key item – a fabulous faux fur jacket! Great over jeans for day or evening or wear over your party dress to double the glamour!