Controversial plans to build more than 20 homes on the old railway line between Bourne End and High Wycombe have now been dismissed by planning officials.

Many villagers and councillors spoke out against the proposal to build 22 dwellings, a public footpath and cycleway between Cores End and Town Lane, with Wycombe District Council now highlighting almost 30 concerns as part of the reason to refuse the application.

Objections included problems with the access into the proposed development, the detrimental impact on the environment and the damage caused to the footpath on the old railway line.

District councillor for Bourne End and Hedsor, Brian Pollock, was also worried any development could open up an access to a Slate Meadow development – which has caused uproar amongst residents.

He said: “I am pleased it has been dismissed by the planning officers, I had commented to say if it had not been dismissed it needed to go to committee.

“As well as infrastructure, access and environmental concerns, it would have opened up an access route into Slate Meadow which would potentially make it easier for a development there.

“Considering all of the objections, I think it was the right decision not to go ahead with it.”

He added: “I am hopeful that what has been put forward about the transport and environmental issues will see an end to it.”

According to a decision notice from the planning bosses it would have adversely affected an existing right of way, was not considered convenient or attractive, and would not separate cyclists and walkers from motor vehicles.

Other objections included problems with the design, a lack of bed spaces within the affordable housing, while officers also suggested it “would be a poor quality environment to live in”.

The report continued to say the junction onto Trees Road would be "confusing", while sections of the planned route are overlooked and would lead to an increased fear of crime.

Officers also said the development is "not considered to represent good design" and would have an "unacceptable impact upon an ecological network".

Parking was confusing and the manoeuvring space in front of garage driveways was deemed to be inadequate, while there was a lack of information relating to the potential flood risk of the site.

Cllr Pollock now says he is hopeful the former railway line will successfully be converted into a cycleway, with Bucks County Council and sustainable transport charity Sustrans currently looking into plans.

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