Regulars at a High Wycombe pub had a shock as Prime Minister David Cameron paid a quick visit to their usual haunt after getting caught short on Saturday.

Drinkers at the Hobgoblin in the town centre could have been forgiven for thinking they had had one too many when the familiar figure of Mr Cameron wandered in, asking if he could quickly use the toilet.

Rather than try to win favour with would-be voters by buying everyone a round of drinks before he went, the Prime Minister left the pub as soon as he could after using the facilities - but not before he had bought a bag of crisps and obliged the regulars who wanted their photo taken with him.

Charlie Capstick, the duty manager of the Hobgoblin at the time of Mr Cameron's flying visit, admitted it did not initially register with him it was the Prime Minister who had come into his pub.

He said: "It didn't dawn on me who he was to begin with.

"He came in asking if he could use the toilet quickly and we said yeah, that's fine.

"One or two of the regulars at the bar stopped him and asked to have their photo taken with him. He didn't stay for long and didn't really say a lot.

"He bought some Wotsits but didn't stay for a drink."