Love was in the air in south Bucks this week with an eagle-eyed photographer suggesting it was written in the stars that Valentine’s Day had arrived early for a small village.

Gregory Cusick fell head over heels with his latest snapshot but regretted not having his professional camera with him at the time – although he has now admitted by the time he would have returned his short lived romance would have probably ended broken-hearted.

The Flackwell Heath resident only had a few seconds to capture the moment the clouds above him formed a perfect heart-shape as he walked home from a shopping trip at 9.30pm on Wednesday, February 4.

He said: “The moon was really bright which first caught my attention but when I looked up at the sky, I noticed that the clouds had formed the shape of a heart.

“It was really prominent, and with the way the clouds were illuminated, it almost felt as if the moon was projecting the image across the sky.

“I immediately took my phone out of my pocket and captured a few photos. I kept thinking it was a shame I didn't have my professional camera with me but you never do when you're doing the shopping and by the time I got home, the clouds would have moved on.”

Mr Cusick thinks he was one of the only people in Straight Bit to spot the unusual sight above, with love lost on some people at a nearby bus stop, who were all looking in a different direction.

He said: “Other people on the street probably wondered what the hell I was doing but no-one else seemed to look up.

“When I uploaded the photo to Facebook it seemed to strike a chord with people and I just thought it was really nice, particularly with it being so close to Valentine's Day.”