The adventures of a coati on the loose around Marlow now appear to be over after the exotic creature was recaptured today.

These pictures from Charlotte Jarvis show the South American rainforest dweller in a trap laid by her parents at their home on Mill Road, Marlow.

Charlotte said the coati – named Houdini by its owner Lady McAlpine after it escaped her Fawley Hill Estate – seemed to be “in good condition”.

She said: “The runaway Coati was captured today in my parents garden, Mill Road, Marlow. “The trap had been set last week by the RSPCA after my parents saw it on their wall.

“I imagine everyone is pleased it can be re-united with its owners. It looked to be in good condition considering the time it has been on the loose for.”

The capture brings to an end a flurry of sightings of the coati – also known as a Brazilian aardvark – over the past few weeks.

His travels have taken him from Henley to Marlow, with the furry fugitive spotted in Oxford Road, Institute Road, Station Road and the Gossmore area.

He fared better than the previous escapee from Lady MacAlpine’s land, which was found dead near Maidenhead in 2013.