Future fashion stars have displayed their clothing creations at a pop-up store in Beaconsfield ahead of their big visit to London Fashion Week.

Youngsters in the South Bucks town joined others from Gerrards Cross and Amersham for a Future of Fashion (FOF) showcase during the February half-term after designing their own items.

The company was started by coveted designer Debbie Wingham, well known for her creation of the world’s most expensive diamond dress.

And in the last year she has been attempting to get children under the age of 16 more interested in the industry and will be hosting another pop-up workshop with them at the London Fashion Week.

Ms Wingham said: “Future of Fashion academy did its very first FOF pop up store in Beaconsfield for all the pupils that have completed their London Fashion Week collections so far.

“Nothing was on sale it was more about the kids experiencing life as a designer and showcasing their collections.

“Not only did the Amersham FOF pupils showcase, but also the Beaconsfield and Gerrards FOF pupils that had already completed their collections took part in the pop-up store experience.

“All pupils had input into the window display and a section in the store where they displayed their collections that they created themselves on one of The London Fashion Week Special FOF workshops.

“Some pieces are up-cycled and some [are] made from scratch, using hand manipulation, appliqué and various types of sewing machines to give more of a shop standard finish.

“Each pupil has their own professional garment label like an established designer.”

She added that she wanted to thank Hall Barn Estate and retail estate agents PMCD (Philip Marsh Collins Deung) for allowing them the use of the area for the store.

The special event was held in Beaconsfield Old Town restaurant Brasserie Blanc and was open to the general public, the designers, their family and friends.

As well as getting schoolchildren from the South Bucks district involved, Ms Wingham does voluntary workshops in children’s hospitals to keep youngsters inspired and offer them a creative outlet and new opportunities while they recover, with some of these students taking part in the latest pop-up shop.

For further details on the enterprise, visit www.futureoffashion.co.uk