This week, we speak to Irvin Dean, who is retired and lives in Winchmore Hill. He drinks in The Plough. 

How long have you been coming here? 
About 10 years, since I moved here.

How often do you visit? 
Nearly every day, I only live about 50 yards up the road!

What do you like about it? 
I know all the customers, and the atmosphere’s good. I used to drive black cabs in London and it’s definitely a different environment up here. You still get a lot of characters though.

Where do you sit? 
We call this seat the ‘Last of the Summer Wine seat’. I’m 62, another of the guys is 67 and the picture up there is in memory Eric Hazell who died last year, we used to drink with him.

What do you drink?
Cider, when I can get one. 

What’s the food like?
I eat here quite often, the pizzas are good value. For £10 you can get a pizza with salad and it’s enough for two.

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