This week's regular is Totteridge resident Colin Warren, a retired coach driver and now a full-time carer, who drinks in The Dolphin. 

How often do you come to this pub?
About five times a week, and the other two days we go to the Totteridge Community Centre.

What do you like about this pub?
Martin, my stepson, is disabled and he absolutely loves it here. He comes here with us and can stay with us or he takes himself off to somewhere else in the pub, watching DVDs – which he loves. He is in his own little world.

What is different about this pub compared to others in the area?
It’s a friendly pub, and I would say the clientele is great. There is always a good crowd of people in here. Usually there is not a single face that we don’t know. The food and drink is good too and it’s well priced.

What is your favourite drink?
Brandy and lemonade.

Where do you normally sit?
Right here [by the window, opposite the bar].

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