This week we catch up with Ian Bowles, a kitchen fitter from Saunderton who drinks at The Golden Cross pub in Saunderton.

How long have you been coming here?

For about 12 years.

How often do you come here?

Every day. I usually come here for a pint after work.

What do you usually drink?


What do you like about The Golden Cross?

It’s local to me and it’s a very friendly pub. It’s really nice and welcoming.

What are the staff like here?

They’re all really nice and friendly.

What is the food like?

I don’t eat here that often because I usually come for a pint then go home for dinner, but sometimes I come down here with my family on a Sunday for a roast and it’s always really good.

Where do you usually sit?

We sit anywhere really. The whole pub is nice so everywhere is a good place to sit.

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