A new political party has been formed in High Wycombe.

Leaders of the East Wycombe Independent Party said it will prioritise the needs of the communities on the east side of High Wycombe.

It will have its own manifesto for East Wycombe, as well as for each ward.

The party will look to invest in infrastructure, including road improvements, a new railway link and more school places.

Councillors Julia Wassell and Matt Knight are among those who have formed the party to support their work as independent councillors.

The new party will be standing candidates in Bowerdean, Totteridge, Micklefield and Ryemead.

Leader of the East Wycombe Independents, Councillor Knight, said: “Across the country there is a growing sense that the Westminster parties are becoming increasingly distant from our local communities.

“Resident led parties like ours are springing up as a positive response to this, driven forward by local people who are working at the grassroots.

“People are paying their council tax, but finding public services more and more difficult to access.

“Their neighbourhoods are deteriorating with litter, graffiti, potholes and anti-social use of cars. Planning decisions are causing gridlock and parking difficulties and the loss of much loved pubs.

“We can be unshakably focused on East Wycombe issues without having to follow a party line which compromises the local community.”

Councillor Wassell added: “We are at a crucial time for the future of this side of High Wycombe with many planned developments and changes - it is essential that the people of East Wycombe have a dedicated team of local activists who are well rooted in this side of town who will strongly represent them in the coming years in an open and transparent way.”