This week's local is Gary Taylor, who drinks at The White Hart in Beaconsfield. 

How long have you been a regular here?
About six or seven years.

How often do you come here?
Every day.

What do you like about this pub?
It's local to where I live, there's a good choice of beers and it has a lot of regulars from the local area, which a lot of pubs don't have. The bar staff are really friendly - since the new manager's taken over, it's been fantastic. The food is really good, and the general ambience and cleanliness is good.

What's your usual drink? 
A pint of lager, usually Carling. It's always cold and it's always fresh.

Do you have a regular spot in the pub?
I'm normally at the bar in the same place. If we have a meal, we - my wife and family - will go into the restaurant. The service is really good.

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