High Wycombe has been rated the second safest university town in England and Wales for students in a new survey.

According to research by student accommodation website StuRents.com, the town experienced an average rate of 70 crimes per thousand people in areas where students live.

In High Wycombe, Bucks New University has student accommodation around the town centre, in Brook Street. Hughenden Road and Frogmoor, as well as Queen Alexandra Road.

The findings are based on StuRents.com’s analysis of 535,468 crimes including robberies and theft occurring in 64 towns and cities in England and Wales in the areas surrounding 608 private halls of residence.

Ruth Gunstone, Director of Student Services at Bucks New University, said: “It’s very reassuring for our students to know that High Wycombe has such a low crime rate. We are a close knit community at the University and our students’ welfare is very important to us.”

Michael Rainsford of StuRents said its research showed on average, students live in areas with crime rate 2.5 times the national average.

Matt Gilbert, President of Bucks Students’ Union, said: “Leaving home can often be a daunting experience for students, parents or guardians.

“I’m sure that it will put many people’s minds at rest to know that the crime rate is so low in Wycombe and as a Union we will continue to ensure that our members feel safe while they are at University.”

The research revealed that students in Egham in Surrey experienced the lowest levels of crime of any students with an average rate of 57 crimes per thousand in areas where students live.

Crime data was taken from the street-level crime database data.police.uk between February 2014 and January 2015.