Review by Rita Carpenter

Chesham Musical Theatre Company had a lively opening to their show which continued throughout the whole performance.

Lin Instone as stage director was able to keep the pace going making for an evening of all round enjoyment.

Cleverly choreographed by Christine Middleton who not only arranged the routines to suit the music but also to suit the dancers who were able to make everything look so easy which is a sign of clever choreography. 

Live music is always an asset and under Drew Cowburn the musical director it added considerably to the overall effect. The principals all had great singing voices and acted their parts with ease.

The chorus which is such an important part of any production was slick and well rehearsed, with great singing and melodious harmonies. They appeared to be enjoying every moment which added to the enjoyment of the audience.

Costumes were authentic and the number of quick changes was very impressive. Sets were excellent and scene changes carried out quickly and effectively. Sound and lighting effects demonstrated considerable skill on the part of the operators.

With such a large enthusiastic cast it would be unfair to name individuals, suffice to say the whole show was well cast with some extremely talented performances.

This was an evening of superb entertainment greatly appreciated by the audience. It gave us a lift and sent us out on a high.

Well done Chesham Musical Theatre your show will take some beating.

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