Housing and youth will be two of the main priorities of the female councillor who is set to take over as leader of Wycombe District Council next week.

Cllr Katrina Wood, who will take over from Cllr Richard Scott, says she is delighted and humbled to be given the opportunity to serve people in the community.

With a week to go until she is officially appointed at a full council meeting, Ms Wood is now working on organising the cabinet portfolios – including an additional housing and youth role, which she has created.

The Tylers Green and Loudwater councillor said: “There is no doubt that housing and homelessness are key issues.

“In recognition of the importance we attach to ensuring everyone has a safe place to call home, I am intending to reintroduce the ‘Housing’ portfolio to the new administration.

“I am also keen to engage more closely with younger people across the district, including the 20,000 students who study here. Our first task will be to start identifying opportunities for growth and inclusion of the youth community within our wider local society.

“I will also be looking to prioritising support for commercial activity, promising to create, develop and promote business opportunities throughout the district.

“I am passionate about the work I do at every tier of local government and I have long been keen to do more. This role provides me with the perfect opportunity to expand my contribution to our community, and I am looking forward to the work immensely.”

Last year, Ms Wood was vocal in her disappointment at the releasing of Gomm Valley and Ashwells amongst other reserve sites, with members of the cabinet criticised for their decision by the public.

And, she says that her key priorities are housing, business growth, protecting greenspace and regenerating urban centres.

She added: “After living, working and being a councillor in this district for many years, I am both delighted and humbled to be given this opportunity to serve our community as Leader of Wycombe District Council.

“We have a truly resplendent array of communities, cultures and countryside within Wycombe District and I am extremely proud to call this my home.

“I am putting together a strong team, with an expanded set of portfolios, to ensure that we are equipped to solve the key challenges we will be facing.”