Mohammed Saboor was today jailed for trying to provide battlefield goggles for another High Wycombe man who was recruited by Islamic State.

Saboor tried to find military-grade goggles that would match the eye prescription of Omar Hussain - a former Morrisons security guard who became infamous for launching a tirade against his home town in a now notorious Newsnight feature.

The 25-year-old, of Burnham Close, High Wycombe, was jailed for 21 months today after an Old Bailey jury took just 40 minutes to find him guilty of entering into a terrorist funding arrangement.

Saboor did not give evidence during his trial but had previously claimed to the authorities he thought his 27-year-old friend Hussain was going to Syria to be an aid worker.

Jurors were told former Cressex School pupil Hussain left Britain in December 2013 after being driven to Gatwick Airport by Saboor.

The court heard shortly afterwards Saboor was captured by ANPR cameras driving near to a shop selling ballistic glasses, intending to buy some to help Hussain's wishes to become a sniper and continue fighting in Syria.

Short-sighted Hussain needed specially adapted glasses to correct his sight and he told Saboor his prescription during an email exchange, the court was told.

In one email Saboor sent pictures of some glasses and said they were the "same as Kaffir's army" - a reference to non-Islamic forces, the court heard.

He claimed in an email the prescription was for another man called 'Sheikh', adding: "He's a sniper."

But Alison Morgan, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey: "The Sheikh being referred to in this email was in fact Mr Hussain.

"Mr Hussain did have an eye test shortly before he left. As it happens Mr Hussain's prescription is precisely the one he provided to Mr Saboor."

Referring to the goggles, Miss Morgan said: "They were tough enough to withstand the most unforgiving conditions such as battlefields, burning buildings and crime on the street.

"They are issued to military and armed police officers and used to protect the eye from shrapnel, firearms and explosives.

"The essential significance to Mr Hussain is because on the battlefield in Syria without them a man wearing glasses would be vulnerable for obvious reasons and without them he would not be able to participate in the fighting."

Hussain is famous for posting videos and pictures on Twitter and other social media about his boring life away from the front line.

In his tweets as 'Abu Awlaki' and 'Abu Saeed al-Britani', Hussain moaned that it took him 50 minutes to peel ten potatoes and 37 minutes to make a basic tuna fish dinner.

Hussain has also threatened to launch a terror attack against his former home, telling BBC's Newsnight: "I hate the UK - the only reason why I would intend to return to the UK is when I want to come and plant a bomb somewhere."

Saboor was arrested on December 17 last year and denied that he had supplied any equipment to Hussain. His trial began on Monday and he was found guilty following a three day trial, being sentenced today.