Rita Carpenter went along to watch The Tempest by Fourways Theatre Company at Pipers Corner School. Here, she reviews the performance. 

For their annual Shakespeare Open Air Production Fourways chose one of the lesser known plays ‘The Tempest’.

Masterfully directed by Barney Powell and cleverly adapted it had a very strong cast who were impressive throughout.

Fourways always tries to use some of its younger members and the sprites were delightful, both at the beginning with their clever interpretation of stormy waves and later when they brought food to the shipwrecked nobility.

There was something for everyone and the comedy was brought to the fore impressively.

Prospero was imposing with a charming Miranda and an amazing and very funny Caliban who delighted the audience. Anyone who is not familiar with Shakespeare could easily follow the story and it was authentic enough to please even the most ardent fan. 

It is not surprising that Fourways has such a large following, I have yet to see anything that was not brilliant and this was, if possible, even better than last year’s production of Romeo and Juliet.

The beautiful grounds of the school were the perfect backdrop and the superb set together with clever lighting enhanced the performance. 

The sound effects were so authentic that with a darkening sky the thunder seemed all too real, and even during a shower the play went on without a hitch such was the professionalism of the cast.

This was altogether a brilliant evening of entertainment.

Rita Carpenter