Cllr Mimi Harker tells us what she loves about her local pub, The Elephant and Castle in Old Amersham. 

What do you like about this pub?

It just has a really traditionally 'pubby' atmosphere. It's got history, it's not modern and shiny and brand new. It's got people in it and feels like you're going into a pub. The staff are really friendly, they have live music, the food's good - it's just a really nice place to go. It's a traditional, old fashioned pub.

How long have you been coming here?

We've been living in Amersham since 1988 and although we don't go there every week, if we go somewhere then it's our pub of choice.

What's your usual drink?

I used to be a gin and tonic girl but now I tend to go for Prosecco.

Do you have a usual table?

No - it's so busy and so popular, if you get somewhere to sit you're just grateful.

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