Conservative MP for Beaconsfield, Dominic Grieve, writes...

Ensuring that the UK economy continues to grow and strengthen was at the heart of the general election campaign and it now forms an essential part of the legislation which the new Conservative government will introduce over the Parliament.

The Queen’s Speech, on Wednesday 27 May, gave the outlines of the bills that we MPs will be debating in the coming months. There will also be a Budget on 8 July to reflect the policies of the Conservative government elected on 8 May. (The previous one, in March this year, of course reflected the fact that it was introduced by a Coalition government.)

Ahead of that Budget, the Queen’s Speech signalled that there will be no rises in income tax rates, Value Added Tax or national insurance for the next five years. The aim is to provide economic stability and security for people of all ages, across all parts of the United Kingdom. Helping the most disadvantaged was identified as an important part of the work ahead.

There will be bills to help with the provision of free childcare and to help achieve full employment. I am sure that small businesses in the Beaconsfield constituency and across South Bucks will welcome the Enterprise Bill, to reduce regulation on small businesses.

We need flexibility of employment and training, so for the first time ministers will be asked to report on job creation and the number of apprenticeships.

There will also be a Housing Bill to give housing association tenants the Right to Buy their own homes.

In total there were 21 bills and these will cover education, adoption, various Home Office issues and devolution matters. There will also be a bill to bring about an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union.