Wycombe has been put back on the map today as MP Steve Baker faces questions from around the country on potential plans to form an EU “Out” campaign – but his constituency still comes first, he says.

Front page news, television and radio interviews, plus he was trending on Twitter, the former RAF officer and West Wycombe resident has today become one of the most talked about people in politics, but he says the constituents he serve should not worry as his priorities remain with them.

He said: “My priority is to always put the constituents of Wycombe first and things don’t stop just because I’m busy on a Sunday on the TV.

“It is fundamentally important to all of us who governs Britain whether its parliament of the European Union, but tomorrow I’ve got plenty of time in my diary and I will be back in my office arranging a meeting to discuss emergency care.

“So, all of the priorities I have set out before remain my priorities, my top priority continues to be health and our hospital and I will always have threads going on with all of these subjects.”

Asked on what he thought the opinion of Wycombe residents was on the EU, he said: “Well obviously 5,000 people voted Ukip so I think we know where there vote will lie in due course.

Bucks Free Press:

MP Steve Baker did not always agree with Wycombe Ukip candidate, David Meacock (left).

“I think people, wherever they hail from, think that British migration policy should be set in Britain, especially including those members of the constituency who have family outside the European Union.

“If you talk to those who have families in Pakistan and the difficulties they have trying to arrange a visit compared to the ease of someone coming in from the EU, you can sense an injustice. I do think people want a fair migration policy which applies to everybody.”

Former Wycombe MP Paul Goodman has also supported the group and praised the actions of his successor.

Writing on ConservativeHome, he said: “There could be no better appointment at the Parliamentary end than my successor in Wycombe.

“He is bright, clear-thinking, has real integrity and is very popular with his colleagues – as his re-election last week to the 1922 Committee’s Executive proves. “He is at the same time both senior and part of the younger generation of Commons Eurosceptics. Baker represents a fresh start.”