Keith Dunn lives in High Wycombe and regularly drinks in Wetherspoons-owned pub The Falcon, in the High Street.

What do you like about this pub?

Good banter and you make a lot of friends in here, plus it’s a really nice place. You can come in and have a laugh with the staff or other people who are drinking, and it’s good to see all the other regulars?

What makes this pub better than any others?

The atmosphere. You can go to most pubs and the drink will be alright, but you only like a place if you feel welcomed and can have a laugh with someone.

And the staff are good too?

They are great, we have a laugh with them but they always seem happy to see you. Whether it’s the bar staff, team leaders or the manager they are all really nice.

How often do you come here?

All the time. I really like this pub and the other Wetherspoons one [The William Robert Loosely, in Oxford Road].

What is your favourite drink?

John Smith’s.

Do you have a favourite place to sit?

By the bar and near the window.